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Product Overview

Board on Chip (BOC)
The BOC package was designed as a cost-effective CSP solution specifically for high-frequency memory devices. The structure provides the shortest wire length and outstanding electrical performance for the central-pad device layout through the use of low-cost wire bonding and BGA technologies.



The BOC package is an ideal IC package for devices such as SDRAM, SGRAM, DDR SDRAM, RAMBUS DRAM and next-generation memory products.



• Cost competitive for high performance DRAM
• JEDEC standard configuration - 60 balls
• Package dimension 1.2mm max thickness
• Dielectric - Rigid 2-layer substrate
• S/M, Rmask™ options are available
• ChipMOS's SOC packaging provides:
   » 8x11mm, 8x13/8x16mm, 11x13mm body sizes
   » Die-down structure
• Thin core substrate material (BT)
   » Low profile (1.2mm max. total thickness)
   » Low stress die attach adhesive
   » Ball pitch range from 0.75 to 1.0mmCustomer substrate design available
• Customer substrate design available



Package Level

MSL JEDEC Level 3, 30°C/60% RH 192 hours
PCT 121°C/100% RH/2 atm 168 hours
TCT -65°C~150°C 1000 cycles
HAST 130°C/85%RH/33.5 PSIA 96 hours
HTST 150°C 1000 hours


Stand Materials

Category Items Available Solutions
Material Core/Leadfree BT HL832, HL832HS
Core Halogen Free HL832NX, E679FGB
Solder Mask AUS5
Solder Mask/Leadfree AUS5, AUS303
Solder Mask/Halogen free AUS308
Solder Mask/High Reliability Rmask
Die attach adhesive Tape
Bonding wires Gold
Solder balls Eutectic 63/37 Sn/Pb
Encapsulant Liquid compound



Single Layer Structure 2 Layer Structure




Design Rule

Drilling Process

Mark Items Normal Advance Remark
A Minimum hole dimension (mm) 0.1 ~ 0.3 0.1 ~ 0.3 Tolerance: +/- 15um
B Annular ring (um) 75 60  
C Pilot hole dimension tolerance (um) +/- 50 +/- 25  
D Hole to hole distance tolerance (um) +/- 50 +/- 50  
E Oval hole width tolerance (um) +/- 50 +/- 50 Dog bone
F Oval hole length tolerance (um) +/- 100 +/- 50  
G Land to land space (um) 30 um 30 um  

Solder Resist Opening

Mark Items Normal Advance Remark
A SM opening registration (um) +/- 50 +/- 30  
B Distance of SM to pattern (um) +/- 50 +/- 30  
C Minimum print width (um) 130 120  
D Minimum ball opening dia. (um) 250 230  
E Solder resist (um) 50 30  
F Ball land to via hole (um) 100 75  
  SM thickness (uniformity) +/- 15 um +/- 10 um Above Cu

Bond Channel Design Rule

Mark Items Normal Advance Remark
A Finger tip to slot edge (um) +/- 100 +/- 75  
B, C Bond channel width/length +/- 75 +/- 50  
D, E Slot center to pilot hole (um) +/- 75 +/- 50  
  Metal burr (um) 50 25  
  Non metal burr 100 um 50 um  
  Ball land to via hole (um) 100 x 100 um 75 x 75 um