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BGA Stubless - SG

Product Overview

SGP refers to Selective Gold Process, meaning that the Ni/Au plating process has been applied only on the finger area. There is no Ni/Au plating on trace pattern surfaces.


ASE BGA's design and features improve the performance of graphic ICs, PLDs, DSPs, PC chipsets, communications, networking, microprocessors/controllers, ASIC, gate arrays and memory packages.


What is so unique about the SGO design is that it has no plating bus, which results in the following:
• Better electrical performance in high-frequency.
• Higher density in substrate pattern design.
• Open/Short Test can be applied in substrate suppliers for matrix substrate type.


Package Level

Lead Free
MSL JEDEC Level 3, 30°C/60% RH 192 hours
TCT -65°C~150°C 100 cycles
HAST 130°C/85%RH/33.5 psig 96 hours
HTST 150°C 1000 hours